• LOEM offers a new approach: HUMAN TECHNOLOGY


    New supervisor drag n’ drop interface
    QM, WFM and analysis integration in the same interface
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  • New Calabrio WFM features 2012

    • Agent and supervisor roles
    • New Calabrio One interface
    • Drag n’ drop schedule editing
    • Scheduling changes in scenario mode
  • Who wants new features like drag and drop calendars?

    "ME ! ME ! ME !"
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LOEM has built a solid reputation of consulting services. LOEM can help in various areas of your enterprise by :
  • Optimizing/creating processes
  • Creating adapted schedule models
  • Structuring workforce planning and quality management teams
  • Long-term, short-term and real-time planning
  • Optimizing solutions for call centers
Business partners of Calabrio and Uptivity, we are certified to sell, deploy, train and support their Workforce Optimization solutions.
14th January 2014

Human Technology

A series of specialized Workshops for Contact Centers! Workshops are focused on Call Center Best Practice education and are designed to offer real-world tips and tricks for implementing these methods in your Call Center.

15th October 2013

Do you have the right tools for the job?

The tools you use to measure and manage customer service are supposed to help, not slow you down. To fit the job, workforce optimization should be simple, fast and flexible. That's Calabrio ONE!

11th September 2013

The 19th edition of the Congrès de l'industrie du centre contact clientèle (CLICCC 2013)

Technological challenges of contact centers: see the future with optimism!

Mandate: Optimize WFM team processes


La Capitale Assurances Générales

With the help of La Capitale Assurances Générales, WFM team recovered 60% of time resource corresponding at 3 days per week.

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